Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Holiday Homeschool - Roman Numbers Game

I created a hands-on math game for the girls this week.

I took three pennies (I), a five pence piece (V), three ten pence pieces (X), one fifty pence (L) and three pound coins (C) and stuck a sticker on each with the corresponding Roman numeral (you only need one five pence and one fifty pence because you never have more than one V or L consecutively.
You have three of the others as you don't need more than three consecutive I's, X's or C's when writing Roman numbers)

After a quick recap of the rules.

  1. C can only be subtracted from D or M
  2. Only I, X, C and M can be subtracted - V, L and D cannot
  3. I can only be subtracted from V or X
  4. X can only be subtracted from L or C

I called out various numbers for the girls to 'create' - here Lilly is creating 37.

They finished by writing up the rules, drawing around the coins and making posters. All except for Rose who decided to stick the actual coins down.

cheat sheet 

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Christmas Dilema

We went to a wreath building workshop last Friday where they showed the kids how to make wreaths and bows.

I now have four wreaths and one front door, so as a compromise I have decorated our gates early for Christmas - both inside and out - but still have no wreath for my front door : )

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Atoms and the Periodic Table

We've been doing a bit of chemistry recently and the girls have had great fun making models of atoms,

creating posters

and, thanks to the Basher - Elements with Style  book we were reading, have spent loads of time designing their own 'elemental superheroes'

Friday, 28 November 2014

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving

I asked the girls yesterday what they were most thankful for. Their replies were not quiet what I had expected.

Lilly - For my scriptures and that singing makes me happy.
Sunflower - I'm most thankful for my family and that my home is warm. 
Tulip - For family and sweets.
Rose - that He put me on earth and for Spiderman.

I'm thankful that I've been given the strength and energy to keep on homeschooling through the last year and that the majority of days are ok :)

WW2 Evacuation Activity

Our Home Ed group arranged an activity at Bankfield Museum where the children had to pretend to be evacuees.

In their first session they met their billeting officer and she checked the children (Sunflower's finger nails were too long but everyone else passed inspection), discussed what an evacuee's suitcase needed to contain,

explored toys from the 1940s

and assigned them to their billets - she had a problem with the girls as all four wanted to stay together and most people didn't have room for them, eventually they agreed to share a bed and she was able to send them to the Reverends home where they would receive a uniform and be expected to do housework - Rose was most annoyed and when she wrote her postcard home, she was not happy that she had to be a maid. She also discussed rationing with them and showed a weeks worth of food.

The second half of the session was spent with an Air Raid warden, he discussed how to use our gas masks, what to do in an air raid and how to prepare for a blackout - including the correct headlight covers for your car or bike. 

The kids also got to handle the various gas masks and bits of shrapnel.

There were four activity stations: building a Morrison Shelter,

dressing up as a Home Guard, 

learning to be a nurse 

and manning the Fire Brigade where they learnt how to work a stirrup pump and forming a human bucket chain.

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